St. Jude is a warm and loving church open to all people who are led by the Holy Spirit. We are praying for persons to come that we may truly be a church diversified in all ways. As a church in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Denomination, we believe in one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A statement of our faith is found in the Apostle’s Creed. The Denomination was founded by persons of African descent, but has never been exclusively for one race. We are Methodist in the tradition of Charles and John Wesley who saw a need for a method of teaching in the church. We are Episcopal meaning we have Bishops who have authority over his or her churches. And yes, we believe in the ordination of women pastors and have women who have been elected and consecrated as Bishops in our Zion. To God be the Glory.

One feature of this site that we hope you visit is our prayer request option. St. Jude AME has received prayer requests from across the nation and across the world. We have been asked to pray for families in India where a father is in bad health. A daughter in the Philippines was devastated to learn that there was some infidelity in her family. Someone on the west coast of the United States was about to lose her job. These are but an example of the many requests that we have received and for which our prayer team has offered prayer.

St. Jude is active in our local community where we have instituted a program which we call Youth for a Positive Future. This program has elements of mentorship, training, and fun all of which is to position teenagers to become the persons that Jesus would have them become. We use positive peer pressure so that the teens can encourage each other to strive for excellence. We have Church School for all ages, a Young Peoples Division and in the Methodist tradition, we are a singing congregation. We hope that you would decide to come by and worship with us or attend our Thursday Night Bible Study. We would love to have you visit with us.

If you are in the Washington Metropolitan area, and are looking for a church to call home, come by and be welcome. Come on by and see how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sister can be united.

Yours In Christ,

The Steward Board Ministry